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Programs & Support

SPOTTO offers program and support to all of our members, regardless of where they are at in their parenting journey. From the prenatal stage to newborn parents, to toddlers and school aged children, there's something for every family!

- Prenatal Support Groups

- Parent Mentorship Program (coming soon!)

- Weekly Chat N Play Group

- Family Social Events 

- Parent’s Night Out

- Book Club, with a focus on parenting books

- Discounts at Local Businesses


and so much more!

Delivering Multiples?

Plan your hospital stay for a

multiple birth pregnancy.

Click on this link to download our

SPOTTO Hospital Bag Packing List

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Photos from our weekly Chat N Play Group

When Liam and Layla were born we struggled with keeping up Layla's body temperature and blood sugars. We got to take Liam home, but Layla needed some NICU time. I was not coping well seeing my poor baby girl getting poked every 3 hours and not being able to have her home with us. The funny thing is that I am a Registered Nurse and even though my brain understood the medicine and science of why she needed to be there, I was just so sad and stressed out that she would be negatively impacted because of this somehow. I made a post on the SPOTTO Facebook page asking for other parents experiences with their NICU babies. I received so many positive stories and my own personal hype team to help me get through those tough days. The emotional support was exactly what I needed in that moment.


Another time our formula was out of stock, so I went to SPOTTO again asking if anyone had seen it anywhere and had multiple parents message me saying they had extra I could have or purchase. They even dropped it off on my doorstep. Life savers! This group is able to provide a level of understanding that my singleton parent friends just don't understand. I am so grateful for this group.

- Megan & Kipp

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